Take Advantage of the BMW 2017 Lease Loyalty Program!

Do you dream about sliding into the driver's seat of a brand-new BMW? Are you yearning to hit the open road behind the wheel of an updated model that's outfitted with the latest performance,safety and tech features? BMW is unrolling the 2017 Lease Loyalty Program,a year-long special that allows you to trade-up your leased BMW vehicle early. Fortunately,our BMW dealership near Atlanta,GA,is participating so our customers can reap these benefits!

If you leased a brand-new BMW in 2013,2014 or 2015,you may be eligible for the 2017 Lease Loyalty Program. When you take advantage of this program,you can end your current lease up to five months early. Customers who drive a BMW model that is not part of the 3 Series or 7 Series are able to waive up to three monthly payments. However,people who are leasing a BMW 7 Series can waive up to five months of lease payments. This program applies to those who have lease agreements that are between 24-months and 60-months long.*

The 2017 Lease Loyalty Program allows you to finance a brand-new or pre-owned BMW before your current lease is up so you can head out in a newer model year BMW sooner. The program runs through January 2018,but there's a 6-month rolling maturity window that provides a bit of leeway if your lease terms don't match up exactly.

Contact our BMW finance center near Atlanta,GA,to learn more about the 2017 Lease Loyalty Program. Don't hesitate - you could drive home in a 2017 or pre-owned BMW today!

*See dealer for additional information.

2017 Lease Loyalty Program is effective January 5,2017 - January 2,2018
Series*Model YearPayments Waived
All Series (excluding M,Alpina and 7 Series)MY13-15Up to 3 payments
7 Series (excluding Alpina)MY13-15Up to 5 payments

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